STEM Network Vision

Our vision for the role of STEM and STEM education is to prepare all students to be STEM literate with a strong foundation in STEM subjects, which they are able to use in their personal and professional lives.

In our vision: Students are thinking critically, designing, and creating as they move throughout their school career. They are learning math and science in a more problem?based context in which engineering is utilized for discovery, exploration and problem?solving and technology allows them to apply what they have learned.

Teachers are highly trained to teach science, math, engineering and technology using new instructional models that break down the barriers between these subjects.

Schools work in partnership with colleges and universities, community organizations, and STEM professionals to create promising and proven practices, including formal and informal learning opportunities inside and outside of school that are linked to the cultural and language backgrounds of learners.

STEM education is embraced as an essential and vital part of a larger community culture within which youth have opportunities to explore and excel in multiple facets of STEM.